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Containing Groups

. . . and some of the reasons why people join us.

People join us for many different reasons:

Some live outside the large cities that act as psychoanalytic centres, and value a network of like-minded thinkers, and a way to build a practice in areas where psychoanalysis isn't understood;

Some have trained abroad, and find that they cannot easily translate their qualifications into an accreditation recognised by the BPC;

Some have had many years experience as psychodynamic counsellors, but wish to grow towards greater competence and confidence as full psychoanalytic psychotherapists;

Some are used to working outside the private sector, and value a way of sharing their skills and knowledge beyond the individual consulting room;

And many feel passionate, as we do, about spreading psychoanalytic understanding to everyone in the caring profession and helping to promote diversity within the psychodynamic community.  

Here's what we offer our more senior members:

  • a supportive network of psychodynamic thinkers through our interactive Community Site, Psychodynamic Thinking , the one you're looking at now!;
  • access to Special Interest groups available via the Community Site - or the opportunity to run such a group;
  • opportunities for online discussion with psychoanalytic colleagues;
  • access to continuing professional development;
  • the opportunity to post articles either publicly or privately;
  • the opportunity to expand your practice;  
  • ongoing support to develop any course you might wish to run on our behalf;
  • the full support of our Management Committee in case of any problems or difficulties;
  • as a Senior Associate Member, eligibility to participate in events run by the British Psychoanalytic Council for their student members, regular mentoring and access to consultation;
  • as a Full Member,  eligibility for membership of the British Psychoanalytic Council and for recognition by the Professional Standards Authority as Psychodynamic Organisational Therapists.