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There are several different types of space available on this Site.  This is because we want to provide a welcome for visitors as well as to create a community for psychoanalytic learning.

Think of it as a building, with different rooms along different corridors.  These rooms include large auditorium spaces, with speaking platforms,  smaller meeting rooms, and other communal facilities - but also private offices and  confidential spaces for psychoanalytic exploration.  We know it can take a little time to find your way around.  Here's a short explanation.

So first, there are public pages and public blogs.  These are open for everyone to wander around, and offer free articles, videos and blogs.  Many of them include comment boxes for ideas, questions, feedback and discussion.  If you're a casual tourist, you won't be able to write in these boxes - but it's easy enough to become a regular visitor:  just ask and we'll give you a log-in account.  Press the 'JOIN US' tab at the top of the page.  We'll respond as soon as we can.   

When you're posting,  do be aware that all comments are moderated, so it may take a little while before what you write shows up on the page.   

Then there are private groups, blogs and pages.  Some of these are easy to join and some are for group members only.  You can find out about them by pressing the tab that says 'GROUPS TO JOIN'.   They include workshops, special interest groups, courses, webinars, lectures and chatrooms, and are run by experienced psychodynamic practitioners.  Some of the groups are free, others may charge for entrance:  the site and its member associations are self-financing and wholly dependent on fees and subscriptions.

APPCIOS is the landlord, so to speak, but each of these group rooms is the property of the people who have built it, and you will usually find that you're offered the opportunity to contact the group's owners if you want to become a member, follow a private blog, or participate in a webinar or special interest event.  Just follow the links.

If you’re an experienced psychodynamic practitioner, and want to contribute to the Site, sign up as a regular visitor and then go to this page: ‘Growing the Community’.

If you're a member of APPCIOS, or of an affiliated organisation, you'll probably find that your administrator has already signed you up to a couple of private group rooms.  You may even find that you're signed in to a confidential group - that is, a group that's so private it doesn't even show up on the GROUPS TO JOIN list.  You'll find out which groups you've been signed up to by pressing on the 'MY GROUPS' tab at the top of the page.  

Don't forget that you can bookmark any article or blog entry you want to get back to quickly and easily by pressing the ‘bookmark this’ sign at the top of the page .  

And if you have any questions or problems with anything, you can reach us by pressing the 'CONTACT US' tab at the top of the page.