Growing the Community

If you’ve come to this page, you may be considering the possibility of contributing to this site. 

The site is managed by our Publishing and Development Committee.  Its members are drawn from our hosting organisation,  APPCIOS,  and other associate organisations.  We welcome applications to contribute to the site.   If you are interested in helping us grow or develop the site, or have thoughts and suggestions, do contact us with a message.  Just click here:  contact     We can arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas or help you to plan your contribution.

We welcome two kinds of contributors, individual and organisational: 

  1. Organisational Contributors

These are partner organisations who choose to provide content for our site, and help us with its development.   Some may wish simply to advertise some of their activities - and we may ask you for a small administrative fee for this service.  Others may want to use the site to provide confidential learning or meeting spaces for their members, or to provide videos, workshops and articles available to the public - perhaps for a small charge.  Organisations that are charging others usually commit to paying us a negotiated percentage as a hosting fee.   

  1. Individual Contributors 

Individuals can contribute blogs or articles, or volunteer to run webinars or host special interest groups.  Again, if they are offering a fee-paying course, or charging others to see their pages, we will generally ask for a percentage to cover our administrative costs.  

Individuals who donate their time or provide free content will not be charged. 

All contributors need to be committed to furthering the understanding of psychodynamic practice.    

If you think you might be able to contribute, do contact us.  Here's the link again:    contact 

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